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Thursday, June 16, 2011

ORGANIZATION: Muji Drawers & The Clear Cube

Search for either of these products on the Internet and you will see that they are often compared to one another. Widely used to store makeup, both the infamous Clear Cube (top picture) and the Muji Drawer system (bottom picture) are used by many to organize and store their beauty products. The main differences between the two are the quality, size and of course the price. At more than 8x the price, the well made Clear Cube's price is one that many people will just NOT justify paying for. But is worth the money?

While the Muji drawers (depending on which ones you choose & the number of them that you select to stack) are significantly cheaper, the depth and height of each drawer is ALOT smaller, making larger items (i.e. foundation bottles, blush, powder compacts, big mascara & many other items) unable to fit and smaller items impossible to stack. The Muji drawers do not come with any customizable inserts whereas Clear Cubes do. I ordered my Cube with 2 grid and 1 "X" insert which made compartmenting all of my items a breeze. My Cube also came with large handles for each drawer and a choice between 4 or 5 large sized deep drawers. I chose the 5 drawers option with a lid, which is why in the photo, it may appear that I have an extra drawer on top. The top of the Cube lifts up to reveal product and can also be left open if bottles or other tall items are to be stored on top. The Cube is undoubtedly a highly durable, well made product!!

I ordered 2 units of the 3 drawer MUJIs with the intention to store my lip products. Other options also available BUT often sold out online are the 5 drawer and the 2 drawer options with/without lids. Each drawer is quite thin, so I was only able to line up my lipsticks, lip glosses, eye pencils etc in each one without stacking any product. The quality of these drawers is not poor and the sleek look can be compared to the Cube but if you are looking for a high quality item that will last you forever and fit a large collection of products with versatility, then the Cube is a better investment.